06.09— 30.09.2008

‘Silent Storm’
by Trine Kobborg

Frame Project

Elusiveness as a tendensy is present in modern everyday life as a growing need for something more and sometihng different. We are mentally becoming overflown by fragmentary streams of information. A consequence of this is a new restlessness in our way of thinking and living. In the present longing for the generally accelerated of the everyday life, the slowness is not easy to get hold of. But most off all, in our time the slowness is, to a growing extent, harder to become a part of - so to speak. A reason for this could be found in the fact that we only meet ourselves without filters from the layers of identiy from the outer world when we confront the slow pace and the silence.

Through the means of minimal action and a slow pace the video Silent Storm intends to invite the viewer into a present of slowness. It suggests and permits us to pause at the moment. The pace of the video and the repetitive movements suggests a space of thoughtfullness: An empty space where time is stretched and a reflection of a mental landscape where silence and slowness is doublesided: At the same time meditatively pausing and unsettlingly alarming.

© Sergei Sviatchenko. All Rights Reserved.

© Sergei Sviatchenko. All Rights Reserved.
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