10.10 — 15.11.2009

‘My roommate’
by Christina Bredahl Duelund

Frame Project

Using dimensions which correspond to those of my own kitchen, I have produced a sketch of a room which provides the framework and surface for a drawing/animation film. The spectator is invited “in”. The film shown is a type of poeticized focus on private routines and ritualized activities, where the difference between the public and the private is erased. The sketch-like lines from the film are led out of the canvas, and follow along the contours of the room and over the individual objects (stylized home contents), which are in the room. The form of the work becomes a exchange between 2 and 3 dimensions, and the combined result is a spatial drawing in motion. The work can either be seen in a room constructed specifically for this purpose, or in a corner of the exhibition space, where it is possible to draw on the adjacent wall.

The soundtrack of the film is a song by DAD (Disneyland After Dark), sung by Jesper Stilgren.



© Sergei Sviatchenko. All Rights Reserved.

© Sergei Sviatchenko. All Rights Reserved.
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